A group of four scientists from the Latvian Biomedical Research and Study centre (LBMC), each representing a different research group, went for DNA Methylation analysis seminar at Lund University, where Prof. Charlotte Ling is a research team leader at LUDC (Lund University Diabetes Centre). On the first day of the seminar, Tina Rönn presented projects and methods of the Epigenetic & Diabetes unit and Alexander Perfilyev presented different aspects of data analysis for EPIC array and WGBS (whole-genome bisulfite sequencing). The LBMC scientists presented their recent research results and future goals and how DNA methylation analysis could assist in fulfilling those goals, many aspects of the presentations were discussed and valuable notes were taken. The second day was dedicated to Pyrosequencing training in two lab workgroups, while simultaneously learning about instrument, assay setup workflow, ways how to design experiments, etc., the day was ended with a session about troubleshooting.