Work Package 1 (WP1)

WP1 – Management

     The coordination, supervising and monitoring of the project, activity management, reporting of results, and strategy forming decision-making will is done by a Steering Committee. In addition, a micromanagement of the project is ensured by the Management board consisting of Project Manager, Project Coordinators from each organisation and Finance Officer. Steering Committee will meet 4 times during the project implementation with intermediate meetings held as Skype conferences. 

The main tasks of the WP1 are the following:

  • Formation of the Steering Committee and Management board.
  • Organization of annual Steering Committee meetings, including the Kick-off meeting and project closing meeting.
  • Project activity planning, supervision and monitoring (Steering Committee).
  • Reporting the project progress and outcomes to European Commission (Management board). 
  • Development and maintenance, and continuous update of a project specific Data Management plan clarifying what data the project will generate, data storage and dissemination strategies, and if needed ensure addition of suitable IPR management plan (Steering Committee).
  • Financial management including receiving funds from the European Commission, distribution of funds among the work packages and partners, obtaining Audit Certificates, compiling the Financial Management report for the Commission as required by the project (Finance officer).
  • Administrative management, including preparation of labour contracts etc. (LBMC Coordinator)