Work Package 4 (WP4)

WP4 – Development of sustainability strategy and strengthening translational capacity

     The main objective of WP4 is to elaborate a long-term strategy and sustainability plan involving all relevant stakeholders, ensure development and training in clinical applications and entrepreneurial skills to build an innovation ecosystem around LBMC. This includes:

  1. Promotion of the importance of biobank resources and precision medicine approaches among medical personnel.
  2. Bridging the gap between biomedical research and entrepreneurs by exploring strategies that enable researchers to identify the commercial potential of their research, and acquiring business skills to move towards commercialisation.
  3. Combining the science derived omics-based algorithms, innovative approaches created by young researchers and clinical practice of physicians to promote the progress of precision medicine.

     The trainings and seminars organized within WP4 will expand the transfer and integration of knowledge about principles and possibilities of strategies applied in personalised medicine to clinicians, general practitioners and other medical personnel. In addition, the activities will involve translation of scientific knowledge into commercially viable enterprises. Three seminars on developing strategy, sustainability plan and recommendations to relevant stakeholders will be conducted by LBMC researchers, followed by training on personalised medicine approaches for the health care specialists with the aim to explain the underlying principles of existing and future application of personalised medicine. Additional training on the entrepreneurship and establishment of start-ups for young researchers will be conducted by all partners in collaboration with The Student Business Incubator of University of Latvia and Riga Technical university. Short-term exchange visit will be managed as a lecture on personalised approaches for medical students in the frame of Molecular genetics course at University of Latvia.

The main tasks of the WP4 are the following:

  • Development of Knowledge Transfer and Sustainability Plan and recommendations for transfer of systems biology approaches and developed algorithms to personalized medicine, by employing the biobank resources, and data from national health care services in order to educate the relevant stakeholders in Latvia.
  • Training on precision medicine approaches and their potential application for physicians and other medical personnel (e.g., endocrinologists).
  • Training of young researchers on business-skills to promote science-based innovation and entrepreneurship through start-ups exploiting scientific knowledge directly from the biomedical studies in collaboration with The Student Business Incubator of University of Latvia and Riga Technical university.